90-Run Marvels: IPL's Consistent Near-Century Makers

SIX6S LIVE – The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a cricketing extravaganza known for its high-octane action and breathtaking performances. In the midst of power-hitting and breathtaking chases, there’s a unique charm in the consistent performers who come tantalizingly close to scoring centuries. Let’s take a closer look at some IPL legends who have been the masters of the 90-run marvels, making the cricketing world hold its breath with their near-century knocks.

1. David Warner

Teams: Delhi Capitals, Sunrisers Hyderabad

Matches: 6

Highest Score: 93 not out

Average: 182.66

David Warner is a name synonymous with IPL excellence. He has come close to the elusive three-figure mark on numerous occasions. With a highest score of 93 not out and an impressive average of 182.66, Warner’s explosive batting has been a key factor in the success of his teams. His ability to consistently provide strong starts is invaluable.

2. Shikhar Dhawan

Teams: Deccan Chargers, Delhi Capitals, Punjab Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad

Matches: 5

Highest Score: 99 not out

Average: 475.00

Shikhar Dhawan, popularly known as the ‘Gabbar’ of IPL, has been a stalwart in the league. His near-century score of 99 not out is a testament to his consistency and ability to anchor the innings. Dhawan’s exceptional average of 475.00 in these innings underscores his dominance in the tournament.

3. KL Rahul

Teams: Kings XI Punjab, Punjab Kings

Matches: 5

Highest Score: 98 not out

Average: 234.50

KL Rahul is renowned for his stylish and dependable batting in the IPL. His highest score of 98 not out demonstrates his ability to control an innings and play the anchor role when needed. With an impressive average of 234.50 in these innings, Rahul has often been the backbone of his team’s batting.

4. Chris Gayle

Teams: Kings XI Punjab, Royal Challengers Bangalore

Matches: 4

Highest Score: 99 not out

Average: 193.00

Chris Gayle, the ‘Universe Boss,’ is known for his explosive hitting. Even though he fell one run short of a century, his highest score of 99 not out showcases his ability to dominate any bowling attack. With an average of 193.00, Gayle has been a fan favorite in the IPL.

5. Virat Kohli

Team: Royal Challengers Bangalore

Matches: 4

Highest Score: 99

Average: 374.00

Virat Kohli, the modern cricketing legend, has consistently delivered in the IPL. His highest score of 99 and an astonishing average of 374.00 in these innings reflect his impeccable batting prowess. Kohli’s ability to build innings and accelerate at the right moments has made him a standout performer.

6. Jos Buttler

Team: Rajasthan Royals

Matches: 3

Highest Score: 95 not out

Average: 284.00

Jos Buttler, with his explosive and versatile batting, has been a key asset for the Rajasthan Royals. His highest score of 95 not out and an impressive average of 284.00 in these innings highlight his ability to single-handedly change the course of a game.

While a century may be the ultimate milestone, these near-century knocks are a testament to their class and dominance in the world’s most popular T20 league. 

By six6s

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